zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

Battle of the werewolf

This is my new scrapkit :
Battle of the werewolf
This kit includes:
 a lot of werewolfs an a lot of blood
You can use this kit for you're
 Gothic or Vampire projects
Hope you like itt
I made already a tag with this kit
So you can see what you can do
I used the tubes by the artist :
Arthur Crowe
And special thanks for making me ,
 the wordart for this tag
To :
Mags from: The Bag a Snag forum
This is my 2th  tag with my awesome scrapkit
and i used this time the georgus tube,
 by the artist :
Orkus Art :
Vickie Tutorials
made for me this georgus tag  and she wrote a
tut of this tag that you can find on her blog
Thank you Vickie for this awesome tag

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